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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Internet has greatly affected each and every part of our life. So is its effect on various industries. The real estate is not far behind with Internet proving its ingenuity in that field as well. Through the Internet, you can read articles on how to buy or sell your house, get a mortgage, etc. The best part of internet is that now you can even search for the house of your dreams, online.

The internet also provides you with a Virtual tour of the newly listed houses. Not to mention, the e-mail facility where you can send letters to the realtors asking for more details of a particular property. The property can be displayed with a photo on the listing. But the terms & conditions of the listing differ from one site to the other. So a viewer can find a property with no photo on one site while the other site displays one photo of the property. Yet another site might show multiple photos of the same property. So it becomes necessary to view the property on the listing of separate real estate sites, for a clear picture of the property.

Although there are many limitations to the display of property on the Internet like difference in the status of the listing where one site may show a listing to be ‘active’ while other may show it as a ‘new’ one. But regardless of these limitations, in the beginning stage of home hunt, the prospective buyers would find it enjoyable to search for the property of their liking on the internet independently. And when they find it tiresome, they can always seek for a mentor in the form of a Realtor, who will guide him/her through the purchase. But the independence offered to the buyers, by the Internet, in searching for the property is a commendable, indeed.


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